Oscar from California
Excelente experience….. JeJe helped me overcome multiple chronic health issues like Gastritis and Acid reflux. She also improved my sleep by teaching me how to turn food into medicine. My anxiety levels are much lower now that I understand how to improve and maintain my stomach health. She is very professional and knowledgeable.
Thanks JeJe!
Marie from California
I had two very specific gut issues to deal with when I began working with JeJe. She very methodically and professionally worked and communicated with me. She provided excellent information and listened to my specific symptoms. JeJe was accessible, kind and patient. She helped me resolve my issues and even to resolve hot flashes and night leg cramps that I had not initially brought to our discussion. I would strongly recommend JeJe as a health care provider.
Brenda from California
JeJe gave me all the tools, support and science I needed to improve my gut health. She took me step-by-step through the process and made everything easy to understand. My overall health has improved a lot— I am sleeping better, I don’t crave food or think about going on a diet anymore. I enjoyed my sessions with JeJe because she is very knowledgeable about nutrition and truly cares about her clients.
Gail's son, Don, from California

I want to start off my saying how blessed I feel to know JeJe. During the pandemic my 86 year old mom developed a severe bout of diverticulitis. She started to avoid certain foods that she believed were causing the illness. Over months she had eliminated so many foods in her diet that we discovered she had lost 18lbs (my mom is petite and was 112lbs before this illness). We had to scramble to find help for her. I reached out to JeJe as I knew she had expertise in this area.

The first session JeJe and my mom had was lifesaving. She was able to debunk many of the inaccurate ideas my mom had about foods and their relationship to the diverticulitis. Starting the next day my mom went back to eating 3 healthy meals a day and has not stopped since. She has now gained a good portion of the weight back. JeJe was also able to provide guidance on supplements that have greatly increased my mom's quality of life.

What JeJe has done for my mom goes far beyond dietetic guidance. She helped my mom emotionally and spiritually by changing her relationship with food. My mom has told JeJe multiple times that she knows JeJe saved her life.

Mailen from Florida
I'm very grateful to you for teaching and guiding me to a healthier version of myself. It all started with your invite to your Facebook page Live Gut BETTER. Thank you for that was an answered prayer, this made my decision to enroll in your 12 week program so easy, and I can say it was the best decision I’ve made. I was already eating lots of plant foods and avoiding stuff like fried food, fast food, and processed and packaged food but I was still feeling a burning sensation on my chest. Every week you gave me new tools that were very extremely helpful on my journey to healing. Thank you for your commitment to helping me and for showing me so much love and kindness. I Praise the Lord because you helped me get to the bottom of the issues I was having and I’m forever grateful to you for that.
Krystal from California
I have always been very physically active and passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. After several physical changes in my life, including developing some health issues, I knew it was time to take a look at my gut health. I thought I knew what healthy eating and mindset was, but it was not until I made the choice to get JeJe’s help that I realized I had a lot to learn. And I did learn a lot! Working with JeJe completely changed my mental and physical health in profound ways. For the first time in my life I was making choices that were customized just for my body and mind instead of just following general nutrition advice. Thanks to JeJe, I have the knowledge I need to be truly healthy and feel great. Many of the lifestyle changes I have implemented have been amazing for my family as well. I am thankful for JeJe’s expertise and proud that I can share her knowledge with my children so they can have a great start in life toward developing body kindness and excellent physical and mental health.