GHH Program Details & Getting Started Information

Why the GHH Program is for you

You're tired of feeling tired with decreased energy, GI symptoms and not getting enough quality sleep, which is affecting other areas of your life.  You've tried to figure things out yourself, but to no avail. Now is the time to feel good in your own body with more energy from quality and quantity sleep and diminished hormone-related symptoms.
You want a personalized, non-rigid plan that helps you get to the root cause of your symptoms and to treat the root causes to feel your best!
I take you seriously, because I want you to enjoy this later in stage in life. I will be dedicated and loyal to being not only your dietitian, but your team-mate on your health journey.

What to expect from the GHH program

  • High-touch, compassionate experience
  • I will be on the lookout for your progress
  • No matter which fusion package you choose, you will always have access to me
  • You will be never left alone

Elements included in this 6 month counseling & coaching experience

GI Map Stool Test

This test uses quantitative PCR to determine various microorganism overgrowths and undergrowths represented in the stool of the gut community.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test

This test helps determine mineral imbalances and heavy metal toxicities.

Video Recordings of GI Map and HTMA Tests 

JeJe will record herself going over your test results with you and providing written personalized protocols for you to follow.

1:1 Feedback Via On-Demand Style Counseling/Coaching

Submit a form for asking questions and receive feedback within 24 business hours.

Group Community in Practice Better App

Ask JeJe and other GHH members questions. Two live group Q & A Zoom calls will take place every month and replays will be housed here along with other ongoing resources.

8 Modules & Resource Library

Eight informational videos will enhance your hormone and gut healing journey, which will be personalized to you as you work with JeJe. Recipes and meal plans are available.

How to get started

Step 1

Choose a level of programming

(You can downgrade or upgrade anytime)

Step 2

Choose a payment plan

(There is a 1 payment or 6 payment plan)

What you get

Fusion 1

  • GI Map Stool test

  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test

  • Video recordings of lab interpretation and written personalized protocol

  • 1 week of 1:1 text/voice message support with JeJe to give you a fast start in Practice Better app

  •  8 modules and resource library (updated quarterly)

  • Bi-weekly accountability check-ins

  • Daily group Q & A thread to ask questions

  • Direct 1:1 weekly feedback to answer your questions with JeJe

$1064 Paid in full includes 10% discount OR $197/month

Fusion 2

  • All features of Fusion 1

  • PLUS: Daily text/voice message access to have questions answered and for coaching with JeJe Monday through Friday in Practice Better app

$1874 Paid in full includes 10% discount OR $347/month

Fusion 3

  • All features in Fusion 2

  • PLUS: Three 1:1 private 45-minute calls with JeJe

$2684 Paid in full includes 10% discount OR $497/month

*For CAlifornia & Tennessee REsidents, please obtain an MD referral to work with JeJe. Fax to 909-765-5223.